Time for action is NOW!! CAP & TRADE bill can not be passed!!

It has been learned the Cap &Trade legislation, which recently passed the House and was forwarded to the Senate, has been approved by the Senate Committee.  The next step is a full hearing and vote by the full Senate.  The current hold up for passage are the 52 blue dog democrats in the Senate.  Currently, Senator Lugar and Senator Bayh have stated they are against the Cap-&-Trade legislation.  But as we all know neither are known for having what they say to the public and how they vote resemble each other.  This is an issue in which we cannot trust anyone in the Senate to vote the will of the people.

According to the Heritage Foundation, the Cap-&-Trade legislation, if passed, will result in a utility increase neighboring $1870 per household.  By 2035, with an adjustment for inflation, it will translate to $6790 per year for a family of four.  The CBO has deliberately ignored the findings of the EPA which has stated in their report that the CAP & Trade will have minimal effect on the climate.  Don’t forget, during the recent G-8 conference both China, and Indian stated they would not sign on to any global emissions standards.  In short, you tax yourselves to death, and we’ll find a home for the companies leaving your countries.  Oh, and thank you for doing business with us.  By the way your credit is running out with us as well.

Cap & Trade is nothing more than an energy tax being imposed on each and every individual living in the United States.  With Cap & Trade, not only will you see an increase in your utilities, you will also see an increase in food production, transportation, manufacturing, housing, you get the idea… (EVERYTHING)!  As a result, many Mom and Pop Shops, and small manufacturing facilities will be forced to close.  Resulting in an even larger increase in unemployment.  

As usual Sound Judgment and Government “do not” go hand in hand.  Another provision, that slid in the 300+ pages at 3:09 in the morning, was the imposing of California building standards on the rest of the country.  Yes that’s you and me.  GCTP urges you to contact your Senator “NOW” by calling, faxing, e-mailing each and every day thru the vote.   Also, we encourage all to participate in one of the rallies in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis on July 17th at the office’s of our Senators.  When contacting them “DO NOT BE AFRAID TO LET THEM KNOW LOUD AND CLEAR THAT IF THEY VOTE FOR CAP & TRADE “IT WILL BE” A NO VOTE IN THE UP COMING ELECTION AND THAT “YOU” WILL DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN DO TO SEE TO IT THEY ARE NOT RE-ELECTED!”

Folks, we must peacefully take the gloves off.  This is ours and our decedents future.  What will you say when your children, and grand children ask you while, living in servitude to the government, “Where were you when this was going on, and why didn’t you do anything about it?!”

We may even wish to contact each and every Senator in the Country and let them know where we stand.  Melt the phone lines, folks, our financial future depends on it!

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  1. Todd Holt says:

    Evan Bayh
    Indy Office; 317-554-0750 p
    317-554-0760 f
    FT Wayne; 260-426-3151 p
    260-420-0060 f
    DC 202-224-5623 f

    Dick Lugar
    Indy Office; 317-226-5555 p
    317-226-5508 f
    FT Wayne: 260-442-1505 p
    260-424-1342 f
    DC 202-224-4814 p
    202-228-0360 f

  2. Roger Waters says:

    Can we say, Time to shoot, and not the bull. These traitors to the US Constitution must be stopped, by any means. We are way beyond writing to your Honorable senator, because they are traitors to you and I. When will America wake up and learn?

  3. Andy says:

    Hey all please look at thte email I sent you tonight if you did not get it let me know Andy

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