GCTP Pull Tabs

Help us get out the message with this Pull Tab notice!

GCTP Pull Tabs

GCTP Pull Tabs

[Needs a PDF reader? Click here]

Download the PDF and print out the number of copies you need on your printer. You can use plain white paper, but colored paper will get more attention. Using colored paper is much cheaper than using white paper and printing with a yellow background. Because of the Gadsden flag graphics, the recommended paper and color is Staples Brights, Yellow, UPC 7-1810309529-7 or an equivalent.
[Note: This Staples Brights, Yellow paper (Ream of 500 sheets) is on a Rebate through January 29, 2011, Reg. price $10.99 Limit 2 reams, net cost after rebate $5.00.]

After you print the file, use scissors to cut between each tab, and separate the two pull tab documents by cutting the page in half.

Good places to post the pull tabs are bulletin boards (often at the entrance) grocery stores, restaurants, and just any place that has a bulletin board or table you can leave them. If the bulletin board is large, put up multiples. Check for more than one bulletin board. Keep some with you in your vehicle!!! And don’t forget to  have some thumbtacks!

Thanks for your help! Our future depends on it.

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