Time to come out of the shadows!

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Silent no more!
Time to come out of the shadows!

The time has arrived to speak out and take America back, starting with Indiana!  Senator Delph has filed SB 590, a very tough immigration enforcment bill.. Read a summary here.

American workers have been put in the shadows by our name-calling media while our pandering politicians have been giving the American Dream away to lawbreakers.  It is time for this to stop!

There are very real costs to illegal immigration.  We will not keep silent about it just because some illegals belong to a protected ethnic group.  We will no longer allow Americans of ALL ethnicities to be victimized.  We need jobs.  We pay taxes and have every right to expect that our taxes be spent to benefit us, not foreign interests.  We have every right to expect our laws to be enforced!

You must speak out and tell your stories!  Please make it personal when you write to your legislators.  If you are unemployed, black or Hispanic, a legal immigrant, a business owner or a construction worker, a parent who hopes to afford college tuition for their children….say so!  Tell them how illegal immigration has affected you and yours..  Tell them why they must pass SB590.Speak out!

Join us as we testify!

The Pensions and Labor Committee will take public testimony about SB590.  Greg, Cheree and others will be there to urge passage.  As always, the ethnic special interest groups will have a huge crowd there.  We need your help!

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011
9 a.m. EASTERN (8 a.m. Central)
LOCATION: Indiana State Capitol (map)
(before the Pensions & Labor Committee)
200 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN  46204

BRING: A short (1-2 minute) written statement stating why this bill should pass.  Include your name and contact information.  Your written statement will become part of the record.  You may also sign up to give your oral testimony.

Even if you cannot be there, please support us by speaking out!
Call the State Senate Switchboard toll free:

Email your own state senator (find out who represents you by clicking here) and committee members.
Pension and Labor Committee
Senator Boots-R          s23@in.gov

Senator Waltz-R          s36@in.gov
Senator Buck-R            s21@in.gov
Senator Kruse-R           s14@in.gov
Senator Schneider-R  s30@in.gov
Senator Walker-R        s41@in.gov
Senator M. Young-R   s35@in.gov
Senator Tallian-D        s4@in.gov
Senator Arnold-D        s8@in.gov
Senator Skinner-D       s38@in.gov
Email list for all committee members:
s23@in.gov; s36@in.gov; s21@in.gov; s14@in.gov; s30@in.gov; s41@in.gov; s35@in.gov; s4@in.gov; s8@in.gov; s38@in.gov

Did you know…these facts about illegal immigration?  Use this info in your emails to legislators:
Illegal Immigration costs Indiana $608 million
Foreign-born gain jobs, native-born lose
8.3 million illegals hold jobs in U.S.A.
305,000+ unemployed Hoosiers
Map 1. shows 100-200,000 illegals in Indiana

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